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under.s. attack this morning. diplomatsn to protect overseas >> . special bid bonn planned for an american hero. bye.cial good >>>> live and in hd, this is "gd morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. s thursday, september 13. glad you are starting your day with us. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. glad to get to meteorologist .acqui jeras tot t s meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> we are looking at fifties the moste board for part. n dulles. 63 degrees at reagan national airport. our express forecast, looking for sunny skies, 66 degrees at 9:00, sunny and nuys, 74 degrees by noon. you have to have lunch outside. 82 degrees at 5:00. seven-day forecast in a while. first, angela has a look at traffic. good morning. easy drive for most folks. around the beltway, traveling in between greenbelt and park, it was down to one lane. the crew has just gotten out of the way. open in both directions on the inner loop and .uter loop in virginia, northbound 95 open betweenng freely garrissonville and springfield. 395 work zone has lifted between the beltway lo
-pressure is slowly going to to the look at what's happening in the plane's. air will be shifting way. 80's will be back in the forecast. here's your expense forecast. 60 degrees at 8:00 a.m., sunny and 74 at noon, 82 degrees around the drive time. another picture perfect day. thunderstorms will be back in the forecast up. your seven-day in a few minutes. first, traffic with angela. >> thank you up. good morning, everyone. looking pretty good. checking or drive times on the beltway in maryland. if you are starting around 50 your voice southbound the inner loop it will take to the woodrow wilson bridge. relatively light on the outer loop from the woodrow wilson to 50, 19 minutes. open at dale city. 15 minutes from dale city to the on 95. beltway it's a good morning again to .ou students going back to class capitol heights this morning without a classmate. 18-year-old marckel ross was while walking to central high school yesterday morning. gonzalez has the latest on the investigation. this central high school was half way to school when he was gunned down. figure outtrying to targeted. prince
super doppler. not much more than s towards lexington park and lusby over southern maryland. maybe for another hour or two. will be giving way to sunshine. pleasant autumn temperatures today, 5 degrees below where we year. be for this time of if you don't like that, be warmed bywill the end of the week. today, clearing skies, 63 degrees at 9:00, partly cloudy noon, 71 by 5:00, mostly sunny and nice. we have the next chance of storms not until saturday. we will talk more about that later. first, traffic with jamie. serve on the region, no major g problems inn virginia, maryland, or the district. we have an accident in virginia on the little river turnpike overtopping the beltway. are able to get through. still dealing with clean up from an overturned car. no problems getting into town the 14th street bridge. roosevelt bridge looks good and the anacostia looks fine. 295 passing benning road, no longer any standing water. county andgeorge's avenue closed near mill road, south of the parkway with a police investigation. s good on the maryland beltway. back to you. >> thank you. two pri
as controversy one person posted on clint eastwood's speech.e t us in the u.s. will to wait a few more hours for the release of the iphone 5. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. we have made it to friday. morning, washington. is september 21. i'm kendis gibson. i am pamela brown. let's get a check on the weather jeras.cqui looks like we are in store for a friday. >> you are looking at the best of thethe week in terms weather. it's going to be absolutely beautiful. be warmeres will today. high temperatures around 80. were hoping it would weekend,ugh the saturdayorms possible afternoon and saturday night. cooldown to end the weekend. skies but now, 60 n national, 53 at dulles, 52 in petersburg. mostly sunny and 65 at 9:00, pleasant and 72 by noon, 79 by 5:00. picture-perfect again today. let's look at traffic. >> its picture perfect. then we will get the volume. better on 95 virginia between fredericksburg and route 7 team, upy have wrapped construction in each direction. the lingering volume is starting to ease
is back. >> low 90's this afternoon. but big changes in terms of temperatures on the way. let's start with live super doppler 7 radar. notice areas of light rain royal downfrom front towards lire, crossing over the blue ridge towards rappahannock county. 79 in washington, 75 at dulles airport, 73 in gaithersburg. 92 this afternoon, becoming sunny by midday. we cannot rule out an isolated showers later on this evening. . now to now to angela foster. >> no early incidents to report. cleared most of the overnight construction. those making the drive through a live's should be easy from 95 to lanes open northbound and southbound. between the beltway and the 14th street bridge, it's open. 0 in maryland threw 118, looks pretty good. down towards the capital not have anyshould early distractions this morning. back to you. >> thank you. the democratic national a closeion comes to obamat with president g his party's presidential nomination. >> the second night featured clinton.esident bill now the highlights. >> i want barack obama to be the next president. >> the most recent
in the upper 70's humidity. open the windows and let in the fresh air, especially this morning. chris and refreshing. will this last? that's coming up. now to angela. not much to report in terms of incidents. annapolisht crash in be out of the way. 450 at 50. you may see residual investigation, but all lanes are and moving without delay. off to a great start for the most part. e beltway at new hampshire the overnight work zone only one we had active morning. lanes are open. the new traffic pattern over and branch, just a brief slowdown. traveling in to springfield, no delays. 95, the work zone 17.ed at moving pretty well from 17 all the way past the occoquan heading into springfield. back to you. >> thank you. today in prince george's county the community will get an on the search for whoever senior >> .h school stanley wasamber shot to death in her bedroom two weeks ago in kettering. gonzalez joins us from upper marlborough with more. >> weeks later, this community still in shock. prince george's county police holding this meeting r a number ofswe questions, if they can, related murd
what's going to happen for the next days and weeks? >> all we can do is watch right now. s been an excellent mother and is expected to be again. she will be the only one taking cub.of her it will be a few months before we know if it's a boy or girl. >> thanks so much. cub for the second them. john gonzalez reporting. let's check out world news. rising tensions in parts of the middle east. >> we are seeing more protests anti-muslim fell. four u.s. troops have been killed. jummy olabanji has the latest. are they have taken to the in more than 20 countries. as. anger continues to grow across anti-american --er >> the president has been clear that the protection of americans remain our top priority. >> police fired teargas and cannons on protesters in who broke through a to the u.s. the way consulate. to the streets morning in kabul, afghanistan. violence has turned a deadly well-planned attack. four american troops were killed by afghan soldiers they bullied allies. 15 taliban fighters wearing uniforms will hold wall of ae outer country ande in the inside with automatic launchers.g
services plan today to mark 11 years sent the deadliest terror attacks in u.s. history. >> and the search for a man who teenager with a taser. what appear in all teenager do after being shot in aperr two weeks ago -- y hall teenager. rise and shine on this tuesday, september 11. i am cynne simpson. i am steve chenevey. jaris to welcome jacki cnn.year is at >> good morning. thank you. i love your colors, by the way. it is chilly out there this morning in some areas. 40-degree temperatures. take a look at the temperatures region at this hour. withing in the upper 40's some 50's. 52 in arlington, 50 in silver plata. 48 la we will warm up. mainly clear by 8:00, 61 degrees. sunny and mild, 71 by noon. 77 at 4:00 this afternoon. hit 77 yesterday. where should we be this time of year? 81. so we are below where we should be for this time of year. something you don't usually see in september. let's check on traffic with steve. takomall take a look at park. police reporting a tree down on on410 between avenue and piney branch avenue.cedar that is blocked both ways. heading from
heart, is still the same man i fell in love with all s ago.year >> offering a wife and mothers prospective to convince voters to reelect president. president barack knows the american dream because he has dreamit. [cheers and applause] -- because he has lived it. he wants everyone to have the opportunity a matter who we whatr where we are from or who we love.or >> it wrapped up an opening the first included keynote address by a latino, the antonio tx, julian castro. >> when detroit was in trouble, the autoaved industry and 1 million jobs. seven presidents before him try health care to all americans. president obama got it done. >> there was a tribute to edward kennedy and a message from carter >>sident jimmy . with all that remains to be done evidence the overwhelming, president obama america.ader for >> the dnc festivities are just getting started. wednesday night bill clinton address the delegates. obama will accept the nomination. on nomination on thursday. we will have reports week.hout the romney will face competition in virginia. the state board of elections as a former c
d bottle. >> coming up, we should learn about the death of the cub.nal 0's died panda occoquan counselors will be at watkins high school after a was wounded after an accident with a police cruiser. and why this city that is named skinny. good mning washington at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. it is of a clock on this monday morning, september 24. i am steve chenevey. >-- 5:00. >> i am greta kreuz. >> we have a couple of pickups in the forecast. a beautiful start this morning. a little cloudy. is helping to hold up a little. have some fifties out there morning. a few 40's as well. 52 at dulles, 56 in d.c., 48 in gaithersburg, 48 in winchester. gerber tours will be warming up today. out wes-- temperatures will be g up. high temperature around 72 degrees today. now let's check on traffic with angela. >> we love to start with good news. the prince william parkway northbound has reopened between dumphries road and clover hill road. the accident is gone. another accident, 395, . southbound. two left lanes shut down. two to the right ge
, angela. now. s the time being taken atns around the globe more violent protest. comes after we learn those e search for the attacks that killed our americans. officials say four have been arrested this with that connection that killed four mericans in libya. officials are possible r more protests in the muslim following today's weekly prayers. protests i-american across the arab world his morning. cairo, police are using tear of owdsispers rotests. smashed windows and s of the u.s. in the -- compound. video is disgusting and reprehensible. there is no justification. none at all. for responding to this video with violence. violence began on the nniversary of the september 11 attacks of the u.s. consulate in libya. left four ur siege ericans dead including the .s. ambassador chris stapet state employee sean smith. a former navy eal. brother but if you friends, he was their as well. in overnment officials here . agents say f.b.i will he new york office be arriving in libya to assist with the investigation. news. labanji, abc 7 count on the "good morning washington" team to keep spee
paint, including behr ultra, now through september 5th. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. a vigil will be held tonight a the third anniversary of manassasving crash in that kill the toddler and his grandmother. afford explore rear end of the saturn on prince william parkway. capacitors in the saturn were in the passengers saturn were killed. driver of the explorer pled manslaughter and was sentenced to three years in prison. father of a high-school school inot dead at a baltimore county says that his is close to the road to recovery. thatl borowy's father said from hiss recovering d surgery, which did go well. y injured lastll after another student named gladden opened fire at the school. as an adult with attempted first-degree murder. a man at the center of the campaign scandal surrounding gray isor vincent scheduled to appear in court today for a status hearing. campaign treasurer thomas gore. he could find out when he will be sentenced. he pleaded guilty to funding cash t thursday,n this september 20. i am kendis gibson. steve and cynne are off today. --'s start with jacqui jeras it is fall out there. >> do not worry, it will be in the 80's by tomorrow. our had land today is that we have a chilly start. we are looking at 40's and if you 50's on the map. temperatures will rise as we into the weekend, but we do have a chance of storms on saturday. make your plans with that in mind. temperatures across the region -- $48, 46 in manassas, 50 in fredericksburg. 55 at reagan national. almost nothing but sunshine today. 60 at 9:00. 73 at noon. 76 at 5:00. jamie has traffic. i love this weather. traffic action is not so bad. we had the douglass bridge last hour. now it starts in good shape. it had been open to that a ship go through. taken care of. we're good to go on 395 if you are heading in. a one or ride on the 14th street bridge. no problems here. in the far distance, the lights, that is the woodrow wilson bridge. in the background, here is the wilson bridge. maryland aa, a lot of construction overnight is now -- a beltway, a lot of construction overnight is
-year referee currently s about $78,000. john gonzalez reporting. former and current nfl players weighed in on the antroversial call along with wisconsin state senator. tweeted that at was robbed by the referees. and that the league could find him and use the money to pay the referees. trade aikman said the games are aikman.- troy and another player said this e if theill be a jok lockout does not end. stay with for the latest. men vying forhe the white house will be in new york city this morning. president obama speaking at the un general assembly. mitt romney speaking at the clinical global initiative along with president obama. >> president obama at the podium on thely statementsseries of by the iranian president, who that israel had no roots in the middle east. he speaks to the general .ssembly he discussed international including a potential israel over iran's's nuclear program. you fear that war is ?mminent perhaps even before the end of the year between your country srael?s rai >> the zionists are very much adventuresome, seeking to agitate things. think they see themselve
back out with skies, highs in the low 70's. another taste of all around the corner. wet -- the streets overnight.m how with traffic, jamie? >> they are behaving on the greenway and the toll road. 66 and getting up to the beltway with no trouble the same story. leaving the beltway, 395. moving well. looks good ports the nation's capital pass to the pentagon. d betweenoun fredericksburg and stafford, two accidents, both cleared the travel lane. not find much of a delay. 95 between baltimore and the directionsboth looking good. as road spray and that will be a factor. add extra time to your commute. back to you. >> thank you. more details will be revealed today about the planned to former president eisenhower. it will be built south of the national mall 1 four acres between independence avenue and the u.s. education department. the eisenhower family and others dissatisfaction with the design. a discussion session will take the national press club beginning at 10:00 this morning. 5:11, 69 degrees. much warmer than yesterday. >> the iphone 5 is the must have for the fall. >> the iphone 5 is
maryland live! casino. 7 is on your side with morning with news of d.c.'s first west nile death. >> official sale an elderly man from royalties died from the mosquito-borne virus. an elderly woman from southeast is hospitalized. mellon reported its first death from the west nile virus last week. no deaths have been reported so far in virginia if. >> a big show tonight on tv, one hour fund-raising event called stand up to cancer will air on all major networks as well as cable stations. a lot of celebrities will take part. it's aimed at raising money to help prevent and cure cancer, right here on abc 7 starting at 8:00 this evening. >> time for a check of the weather. meteorologist adam caskey joining us. >> happy friday. >> it's going to be warmer around here today, a little muggy outside. changes by the weakened. saturday andafternoon and evening there will be some light rain. but it's worth it. let's start with a look at annapolis this morning. you can see it is still dark but there is the beautiful bright moon, but not in that frame, unfortunately. we have clear conditions. so
will suit up for tonight's's game. the president visiting today.a where they are making stops. intentionally putting -- one brewery is inentionally putting hair beer. >> and good morning, washington. tolet's get right over jeras. >> the stars are moving really quickly, but they are putting downpours.avy as one-half inch of hour.n the past talking about maryland i-70.rth of the thunderstorms trying to into the beltway around baltimore. they are not severe. it will hold off half of an hour. temperatures of very warm. 67 after reagan national. 67 in winchester. get into the 80's and a wi -- bookend with thunderstorms. >> and good morning. with a closure of our main routes. people traveling through silver on university boulevard dennis avenue. we are shut down in both directions. wires anti dead utility poles down. -- wires and utility poles are down. virginia he should trouble crossing bridge and wilson going through springfield an and dale.d >> thank you. did you hear the collective sigh relief? that was after the nfl have reached a with referees union to end lockout that starte
himself. >> d.c. police resuming their alcohol testing program today. john gonzalez explains why it s suspended. ♪ "gangnam style" >> better late than never. the latest group to mimic the ce.ngnam style" dan "good morning washington" at now.begins right >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's friday, september 28. brad bell in for steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> the rain is still coming down in some spots. that makes a few people up, the thunderstorms. there's a lot of it concentrated .n the metro area heavy thunderstorms crossing 66, getting ready to move over the potomac and heading up towards bethesda at this time. still warm temperatures. 67 at reagan national, $65, 63 and we will have another one d. dulles.rees in it could be raining for your drive home. weekend forecast when i see you again. now to traffic with angela. >> you mentioned the storms. at thestill looking results. getting reports of wires down in many areas. there is police direction on
filled with explosives slammed into a vehicle from the u.s. consulate in pakistan. there are conflicting reports about whether any americans were killed in the suicide attack. a state department spokesman said two u.s. personnel and two pakistani employees were in the vehicle and were wounded but no consulate employees were killed. >> a community in maryland will gather to honor a navy seal killed in afghanistan. the body of patrick feeks will arrive in edgewater this morning. we have a live report near the fort myer memorial chapel where the funeral will be held later this week. >> patrick feeks had wanted to be a navy seal his entire life. he was scheduled to come home from deployment this fall but his family will be preparing for his homecoming in a different way today and it will start in edgewater his hometown. on this labor day along this town of eventually water the community will pay respects to one of the brave. >> it is good to remember a guy that is sacrificing. >> petty officer first class patrick feeks was killed august 16 in afg
can see how this is all through the southwestern parts of the u.s. moisture andlot of we will see showers off and on through the rest of the week. a cold front from the north of us by tomorrow. it will stall out and the high- cooler air never until late on the weekend when things finally begin to squeeze out. mostly cloudy today. a little warmer with a few showers, 79-83. cloudy tonight, showers, possible,hunderstorms -66. keeping a chance of rain through the weekend into early next week. the days will be a little drier. that's your forecast. and don't forget to connect with media.ocial a tweet or follow me on facebook. now to angela with traffic. >> in virginia, traveling around beltway, we found some late construction. one right lane open and heavy traffic in alexandria. approaching van dorn street, the inner loop in alexandria. a bigger problem in maryland on 270 southbound, the accident has been confirmed. a lot of emergency personnel on the scene. it is in the center lane of just before 124, germantown being where you see the delays. add extra time. back to you. >> thank you.
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20